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Administrative Services

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Sterling Initiatives offers short and long-term administrative and staffing services to clients. Regardless of the setting, our healthcare consulting can provide the following:

  • Transitional leadership
  • Permanent leadership placement
  • Physician, nursing and other clinical staff placement
  • Infrastructure development
  • Protocol and policy development


Whether you’re opening a new facility, preparing for a JCAHO review, interested in HIPAA compliance, needing EMTALA counseling or seeking Trauma Center designation, we can bring best practice standards to you and help with implementation. We are a few of the administrative and operational functions we’ve performed for
our clients.

  • Global Review/Total Enterprise Integration
  • Analysis and Benchmarking of Key Clinical, Financial,
    and Customer Satisfaction Output Measures
  • Change Management, Planning, and Training
  • Enabling Technology Solutions & Procurement
  • Cost Management
  • Facility Throughput Evaluation
  • Malpractice Exposure Assessment
  • Assessment of Staffing Patterns
  • JCAHO Review Preparation
  • EMTALA Counseling and Preparedness Assessment
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Trauma Center Status Verification
  • Infrastructure Design, Build Out, and Implementation
  • Hospital
  • Urgent Care
  • Physician Office
    • Mental Health
    • Behavioral Health
    • Occupational Medicine
    • Wellness Initiatives